15 Websites Every Gamer Should Know About


The world of gaming is vast and ever-expanding, and as a gamer, it’s essential to stay connected and informed. Whether you’re seeking gaming news, reviews, guides, or a community of like-minded players, numerous websites cater to your gaming needs. In this article, we’ll explore 15 websites that every gamer should know about.

1. Steam (store.steampowered.com)

Steam is the go-to platform for purchasing and playing PC games. It offers an extensive library of games, a thriving community, and regular sales.

2. IGN (ign.com)

IGN is a renowned source for gaming news, reviews, and video content. It covers everything from the latest game releases to in-depth analysis.

3. Kotaku (kotaku.com)

Kotaku is a gaming and entertainment blog that provides a mix of news, reviews, and cultural commentary on gaming.

4. Polygon (polygon.com)

Polygon offers in-depth features, news, and reviews on video games, as well as thoughtful analysis of the gaming industry.

5. GameSpot (gamespot.com)

GameSpot is a leading source for game reviews, news, and video content. It also hosts a vibrant community of gamers.

6. Twitch (twitch.tv)

Twitch is the world’s largest live streaming platform for gamers. Watch your favorite streamers, learn gaming techniques, and interact with the community.

7. YouTube Gaming (gaming.youtube.com)

YouTube Gaming is a dedicated hub for gaming content. You can find gameplay videos, reviews, tutorials, and more.

8. Reddit – r/gaming (reddit.com/r/gaming)

The r/gaming subreddit is a lively community where gamers discuss everything from their favorite titles to gaming news and memes.

9. GameFAQs (gamefaqs.gamespot.com)

GameFAQs is a treasure trove of user-generated game guides, walkthroughs, cheats, and FAQs for a vast array of titles.

10. Metacritic (metacritic.com)

Metacritic compiles game reviews from various sources to provide an aggregated score, making it a valuable resource for gauging game quality.

11. Rock, Paper, Shotgun (rockpapershotgun.com)

This PC gaming-focused website offers news, reviews, and features, along with a healthy dose of humor.

12. GOG (gog.com)

GOG (Good Old Games) specializes in DRM-free classic and indie games, making it a paradise for nostalgia seekers.

13. Nexus Mods (nexusmods.com)

Nexus Mods is a hub for game modifications and custom content. Find and share mods to enhance your gaming experience.

14. PC Gamer (pcgamer.com)

PC Gamer offers news, reviews, and hardware recommendations tailored to PC gaming enthusiasts.

15. The Escapist (escapistmagazine.com)

The Escapist provides gaming news, reviews, and thought-provoking articles on the gaming industry and culture.


These 15 websites cover a wide spectrum of gaming-related content, ensuring that you stay informed, entertained, and connected with the gaming community.

Whether you’re looking for the latest game releases, in-depth reviews, modding resources, or a platform to share your gaming experiences, these websites have got you covered. So, dive in, explore, and enhance your gaming journey with these valuable online resources.


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